Resilient Kids provides a range of parenting services to support parents, teachers, and community groups in raising responsible, respectful and resilient children.

Please take advantage of the FREE resources on this page developed for NZ parents, teachers and other caregivers.

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Parents Coaching for developing parenting skills
mother and son
Parenting course to grow Resilient kids

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Teaching Resources - kids on devices

A Starting Guide to Cell Phones in the Classroom

Phone Ban, free for all or a mix of both?

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Parenting goals

Goal setting interviews

The impact of overindulgence and the power of habit

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Parent Workshop for raising resilient kids

Developing Smart Risk Takers

Being Aware of How You Support this Development in Students

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Teaching Resources for growing resilient children

Chores in the Classroom? The Positive Role Chores Provides

How can you build children’s capacity to be competent, emotionally intelligent people?

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team work

Managing Change in a school Community

Change is happening; it is all around us and comes in many forms. Change in a classroom, change in staffing, changes in…

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