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Madeleine Taylor

Madeleine has worked as a Parent Educator since 1992.  She is also a Registered Social Worker and a Certified Coach and Mediator.  Her training credentials include:

  • Family Therapy
  • Travellers' Programme trainer
  • Seasons for Growth facilitator
  • Parenting through Separation facilitator
  • Certified Facilitator of “How Much is Enough?” Programme by internationally recognised parenting expert, Jean Illsley Clarke.
  • Author and Facilitator of Parenting Road Code

Madeleine brings 27 years of consulting experience across a range of sectors, including Private Enterprise, Not-for-Profit, Government, and private clients.  She also conducts training workshops in Negotiation and in Managing Difficult Behaviour.

From 2014 (until the Covid Pandemic), Madeleine has travelled to Bangladesh each year to lead Emotional Intelligence training for businesses and students.

Madeleine has been married to her husband, Wayne, for 32 years. Together they have raised three sons to independence, and learnt a lot along the way. They live in and enjoy the wonderful Wellington region of New Zealand.

Madeleine is a Board Member of Mothers’ Network, an organisation that supports the woman behind the mother.

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Stuart Ayres

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Bernice Williams

Resilient Kids Advisory board member

Hugh Good

What’s driving a culture of overindulgence?

The pressures placed on parents from marketing hype, social media, and communities have collectively laid the groundwork for too many parents to fall into the trap of overindulging their children.

Unfortunately, research findings support that children who are parented in this way, grow into adults who lack resilience, confidence and everyday coping skills.

Online Parent Course to help grow resilient kids
Parenting Resources to grow Resilient Kids
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Do you have a child who has trouble:

  • learning how to delay gratification
  • giving up status as the constant centre of attention
  • being competent in everyday skills, self-care skill and skills relating to others
  • developing a sense of personal identity
  • knowing what is enough or what is “normal” for others?

Time to learn some new parenting skills

Resilient Kids has developed a comprehensive set of parenting resources, parenting coaching and parenting workshops to help parents, caregivers and teachers to raise responsible, respectful and resilient children.

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“ The course provided a respectful, safe place to be authentic and vulnerable and that gave me the impetus to be curious and open to new, or challenging ideas, resulting in an opportunity for change.   At the end of the retreat, it was suggested that we implement a daily action, to keep us effectively connected with what we had learned. Every morning I start the day with a reflection on being authentic, instead of falling back into dysfunctional behaviour when a stressful situation occurs. It has been a valuable tool. I appreciate, so much, being a participant in this retreat ”

Carolyn Maroulis – participant at Raising Resilient Children Retreat