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  • Baby Loss - Episode with Vicki Culling April 28, 2024
    This episode focusses on the tragic topic of baby loss, as Madeleine is joined by Vicki Culling, a bereaved parent, educator, and support worker. Vicki shares her invaluable experiences in hopes of helping other bereaved parents to find moments of solace in the midst of sorrow, honour the memory of their children, and discovering unexpected […]
    Resilient Kids Podcast
  • The Importance of Play - Interview with Celia Hogan April 21, 2024
    This episode features Celia Hogan, an expert on the importance of play and the role it plays in child development. Celia and Madeleine discuss the benefits of nature in play, child-led play, and strategies for enabling the healthy contribution of play to children's cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being. Celia's website: Madeleine's website: Get […]
    Resilient Kids Podcast
  • Eyesight and Optometry - Interview with Keren Dravitzki April 7, 2024
    In this episode, Madeleine is joined by optometrist Keren Dravitzki as they delve into the fascinating world of eye health. Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, is a growing concern in today's digital age. Explore the environmental factors that contribute to Myopia, strategies to protect developing eyes, and tips to minimise eye strain and tiredness. Myopia […]
    Resilient Kids Podcast
  • ADHD - Interview with Brett Harrington October 20, 2023
    This week on Resilient Kids Madeleine speaks with specialist Brett Harrington about all things ADHD. This episode is filled with insights and strategies for parents raising children with ADHD. Listen in as Brett shares her expert knowledge and we discover that ADHD is not something to be fought against, but rather a challenge that we […]
    Resilient Kids Podcast
  • Learning the Value of Money - Interview with Te Kahukura Boynton September 20, 2023
    In this week's episode, host Madeleine speaks with Te Kahukura Boynton, to explore innovative strategies for imparting financial wisdom to children. Te Kahukura Boynton is a 19 year old Law Student, Entrepreneur and Activist for Māori. Te Kahukura is on a mission to teach Maori financial literacy because she believes that this will reduce disparities […]
    Resilient Kids Podcast
  • The Importance of Play - Interview with Sarah Amy Glensor Best September 6, 2023
    This episode we are joined by Sarah Amy Glensor Best, an author, parenting coach, and mother of 3, as she shares her insightful take on the significance of play in a child's life. Madeleine and Sarah uncover the reasons behind play's importance and practical ways to infuse it into daily routines, fostering creativity and resilience […]
    Resilient Kids Podcast
  • Toilet Training - Interview with Lisa Smith August 23, 2023
    In this episode, we're joined again by children’s continence nurse Lisa Smith, a seasoned professional in the realm of potty training. Lisa imparts her extensive expertise, offering invaluable advice for parents and caregivers. From recognising signs of readiness to overcoming challenges like regression, Lisa's proven techniques and empathetic approach pave the way for a successful […]
    Resilient Kids Podcast
  • Helicopter Parenting - Interview with Lisa Krause August 8, 2023
    On this week's interview we hear from the wonderful Lisa Krause. Lisa is a parent and grandparent with years of experience and expertise parenting. She has worked as a parenting educator and a teacher of parenting science. On this episode Madeleine and Lisa have a discussion on the topic of helicopter parenting. Lisa uses the […]
    Resilient Kids Podcast
  • Helping Parents to be Confident - Interview with Dr Heather Cline July 25, 2023
    Heather has been working with parents and parenting professionals for 15 years and offers a unique perspective all the way from Carolina in the USA. In their conversation Madeleine and Heather discuss how hard it is for parents to find their own solutions when issues come up with their children rather then looking for help […]
    Resilient Kids Podcast
  • Sleeping Lions - Interview with Billie Searing July 11, 2023
    Sleep is one of the most essential parts of all of our lives. Billie, a sleep consultant with the business Sleeping Lions, takes her time to share our vital sleep is for all of our health. This is especially the case for babies. Billie discusses with Madeleine strategies for getting our infants to sleep. Billie […]
    Resilient Kids Podcast
  • Picky Eaters - Interview with Judith Yeabsley June 5, 2023
    This week we welcome Judith Yeabsley back onto the podcast. After telling us of her own experiences in parenting in season one we have her back to talk about her are of expertise, picky eating. As the founder of The Confident Eater, Judith has ample knowledge and a strong ability to share that knowledge. As […]
    Resilient Kids Podcast
  • Grief Relief - Interview with Claire Laurenson May 23, 2023
    To begin season two, our specialist season, we tackle the absolutely essential topic of grief. Grief is something we all have to go through at some point, and having the knowledge of Claire Laurenson in your tool belt is a huge asset. Claire has been doing grief work for nearly forty years, and like all […]
    Resilient Kids Podcast
  • Poos and Wees - Interview with Lisa Smith May 23, 2023
    In this episode we speak to another highly experienced professional about the important topic of poos and wees. Lisa Smith is a children’s continence nurse and has been working with children and families for many years. You will hear Lisa explain how the bowel is like a second brain! Truly. The bowel is impacted by our […]
    Resilient Kids Podcast
  • Liz Andrew-Brake Interview - Balancing Parent Responses to Intense Toddler Emotion February 21, 2023
    Madeleine has a conversation with Liz Andrew-Brake, a person Madeleine met when they were just a child. Liz now has a toddler of 17 months and comes to talk about managing tantrums. Their discussion revolves around founding balance in responding to tantrums. Liz is an experienced social worker, so her knowledge and Madeleine’s expertise leads […]
    Resilient Kids Podcast
  • Alex Muntz Interview - Effects of Screen Use on Eyes and Vision - Resilient Kids Podcast February 7, 2023
    This week, after a short break, we are back on the Resilient Kids Podcast with a special interview with optometrist and clinical researcher Alex Muntz. Muntz provides real and concrete evidence that shows the importance of understanding the effects of screen use on our children. He and Madeleine discuss this in detail whilst remaining balanced in […]
    Resilient Kids Podcast

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