Resilient Kids Podcast

The Resilient Kids podcast provides a resource for parents to navigate parenting. From the author of the Parenting Road Code, Madeleine Taylor, comes a series of podcasts to support parents. Touching topics such as: screen time, growing confidence, managing expectations, managing perfection, finding time for yourself, teens and uncertainty, setting limits, fear of failure and many more. The podcast features interviews with parents, all with different and unique perspectives. Madeleine’s knowledge set provides a platform that encourages natural, useful and resource-filled discussions.

Thanks to all the great parents who have been prepared to talk with Madeleine and thanks also to the behind the scenes folk:


Guy Ritani for the intro and outro music

Emma Smith – Fish Digital  for creating the Tiles

Wynter McCook-Weir for sound editing and producing the Podcasts

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Podcast is available on the following channels