Parenting Road Code is a practical timesaving resource that supports parents raising competent, resilient, children in a world of overindulgence.

The Parenting Road Code provides six building blocks which form the basis for a strong and enduring way to think about parenting.

There are stories from parents with tools and resources which, once followed, will give parents increased confidence and certainty in their job as parents.

The Parenting Road Code Support Workbook  (the companion to the Parenting Road Code).

Used along side the Parenting Road Code it helps readers think through the exercises and record their thoughts.

You will be able to reread your thinking when times are tough and this will help you to be the best parent you can be.

If you have a parenting partner the workbook can be a record and show where you are together on things and where you differ. This awareness can then lead to conversations that will help you decide together what the family plan will be.

The workbook will be useful to refer back to, over time, to assist parents to be the best  they can be.

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